From startup to Fortune 500, our network can take you virtually anywhere. As we alway say in our carrier declarations: If you are serious about quality of service, you own your network end to end.

Of the 30,000 or so autonomous system numbers in use, we have one, where other ISPs have many. That means that Mauritius, North America and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia all connect across a single backbone. We fully control the collection of routers that make up our ASN. All our backbone circuits are run over DWDM wavelengths directly on fiber, not on some other carrier’s MPLS.

For some ISPs, data has to travel across multiple ASNs to arrive at its destination, which can mean up to 20 hops. We can do it in fewer than 10. We have direct access to over 1 terabits of private peering and we exchange traffic, settlement-free.

Our customers experience stellar performance no matter where they are because our Global IP Network is faster and more direct.